Sant'Anna Del Volterraio Hotel & Resort Elba Island

Fill your eyes and
heart with green

The Hotel & Residence Sant’Anna del Volterraio, 400 meters from the Bagnaia beach, is a botanical garden set in the uncontaminated nature of Elba Island.

Our bedrooms and apartments are little refuges hidden among the grass and climbing plants that daze the human eye. Here you will be surrounded by mulberry bushes, rose-bay, holm-oaks and century-old olive trees.

Bedrooms and apartments in the park

Relax and forget about all the rest

Dive into the fresh water swimming pool at the center of the residence and leave your children play in the kid's pool. Breathe deeply. Let your mind roam along the hills of the island. At Sant’Anna del Volterraio you will seem to feel that all else has vanished: remain alone with the wild nature of Elba Island.

Panoramic swimming pool

Leisure and fun

Many people say that Sant’Anna del Volterraio is an oasis of peace and quiet, yet they forget to tell you that here you will never be bored. There are pilates lessons and a mini club for the children. Sailing and scuba courses, trekking and boat excursions. You will discover that Elba Island is a one-after-the-other experience always unique, always different. Experiences for you to live.

Miniclub included

Hotel & Resort Sant’Anna del Volterraio has a weakness for the little ones of the family. Headed by our educational-cultural operators, our children spend together carefree hours of games, training activities, artistic/theatrical workshops, homework support and much more...

Atlas of Architecture

At Sant’Anna del Volterraio our identity is marked by architectural individuality and pure beauty. That is why our residential complex was included in the Atlas of Italian Architecture website when it was published.
Our Elba residence was entered in the itinerary "Italy goes on vacation" in recognition of its extraordinary architectural layout which works particularly well with the surrounding landscape.

Lifetime unique experiences

Sports & Leisure Time


Pilates is the art of rediscovering flexibility in your body along with the harmony of your spirit. Pilates helps you rid your body of pain and other ailments.


We have a team of professional entertainers who invent, every day, new activities to help your children enjoy themselves while learning.

Sailing courses

On Elba Island light breezes are constantly blowing. These render the area perfect for sailing.

Snorkeling & immersion

Starfish, fish of every form and dimension, windflowers and shellfish await you at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea.

Trekking, horseback riding, mountain bike

The hills and cliffs around Sant’Anna del Volterraio are rich with many animal and vegetative species for you to discover. There are spectacular views of the sea that might be photographed and uphill and downhill climbs for professionals and amateurs.

Boat excursions

Upon request we arrange excursions among the islands that make up the Arcipelago Toscano: Capraia, Pianosa, Il Giglio and Giannutri.

2Swimming pools
3Hectare park
200Year history
400Meters from the sea