Elba holidays

Sports & Leisure Time

Have fun on land and sea

There are those who love to be snug under the sun without thinking about anything. Then there are those who can't stop moving. For those who want to have fun, the Hotel and Residence Sant’Anna del Volterraio has in store for you many open-air activities and excursions, sporting and cultural things to do in your Elba holidays.


  • Sailing courses

    On Elba Island light breezes are constantly blowing. These render the area perfect for sailing. Our professional instructors at the Bagnaia beach will teach what you must do. Try the thrill of sailing along our coastline surrounded by crystal-clear waters and spectacular scenery. You might have the good fortune of encountering a group of dolphins.

  • Wind surf, kite surf & Kayak

    If you are board or kayak enthusiasts you can organize excursions both in groups or individually. Bring your equipment with you or consult with our reception desk on renting what you need. They will help you to find adventure directly from the Bagnaia beach—only 400 meters from Sant’Anna del Volterraio.

  • Snorkeling & immersion

    Starfish, fish of every form and dimension, windflowers and shellfish await you at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. For those who are expert divers or prefer to simply put on a mask with a nozzle, the sea surrounding Elba Island will be a nowhere to be found experience.

  • Trekking, horseback riding, mountain bike

    The hills and cliffs around Sant’Anna del Volterraio are rich with many animal and vegetative species for you to discover. There are spectacular views of the sea that might be photographed and uphill and downhill climbs for professionals and amateurs.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is the art of rediscovering flexibility in your body along with the harmony of your spirit. Pilates helps you rid your body of pain and other ailments. At Sant’Anna del Volterraio you can follow professional courses held in a room especially designed for this treatment.

  • Tennis

    Organize a tennis game on one of our two tennis courts. It will be very pleasing to play in the open air surrounded by greenery. At night, playing in the fresh air of the evening is a fine way to relax and improve your game.

  • Boat excursions in the Arcipelago Toscano

    Upon request we arrange excursions among the islands that make up the Arcipelago Toscano: Capraia, Pianosa, Il Giglio and Giannutri. We will lead you to discover the most unusual panoramas. Discover places far from the ordinary tourist routes and marvelous beaches that you can only reach by boat.

  • Free climbing

    Challenge our cliffs using your bare hands. You will be surrounded by the sea and its breezes, the crude nature of the Mediterranean, and the silence broken only by the screams of the seagulls. If you are a passionate rock-climber, we know how to direct you to the best places where you can climb the granites of Elba Island.

  • Guided tours

    Le ville antiche, le dimore napoleoniche, le miniere di ferro, le cave di granito, le fortezze spagnole: sono tante le ricchezze storiche e culturali dell’Isola d’Elba. Chiedete al nostro staff di organizzare un tour guidato in lingua nei luoghi più suggestivi dell’Isola.

  • Trails of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

    The National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, which includes Elba Island, offers a captivating network of trails to immerse yourself in untouched nature in complete safety. The variety of available paths ensures a tailor-made experience for everyone, from families with children to the most experienced hikers.
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