Resort Elba


We will take care of you

Here at Sant’Anna del Volterraio Resort in Elba we wish to take care of you in every way possible. We would be happy to know that yours was not just a simple vacation but one that had been dedicated just to you. We want you to experience that special well-being psycho-physical feeling that we very often neglect to offer ourselves.

Have a relaxing massage or a regenerating facial treatment, try the sauna before diving into the pool, or put yourself in the hands of our reflexologist for a special “tuina” treatment—an ancient Chinese technique that will help you reach that equilibrium at all your centers of energy.

You might arrive here tired and stressed. We guarantee you will leave relaxed and cheerful.

Well-being services available for our guests:

  • Relaxing and sporting massages
  • Hand and face aesthetic treatments
  • Plantar reflexology
  • Tuina massages
  • Complimentary independent men and women saunas
  • Pilates courses