Park hotel Elba - Hotel & Resort Sant'Anna del Volterraio

Park Hotel

A sea of peace and tranquility

The Park Hotel and Residence Sant’Anna del Volterraio's park is a veritable botanical garden. It is an enormous space where centuries-old holm-oak trees and knotty olive trees grow. Oleander and mimosa perfumed plants fill the air. This is a green jewel guarded by the Castle of Volterraio and the hills covered with Mediterranean scrubs.

This is the reason why our rooms and apartments...

This is the reason why our rooms and apartments have been designed and brought to light to blend with the natural context of the area, to reduce the environmental impact and to add value to the existing historical buildings. The tiered structure consists of dwellings covered with mantles of vegetation and climbing vines, and is in the form of a semi-circle. In this way, it can receive the maximum amount of light.

Being here with us you will become part...

Being here with us you will become part of the fabulous scenery of Elba Island. You will discover the feeling of being far from everything. You will come to realize the meaning of a peacefulness different than any other. Feel the marine breezes, the leaves flying in the air, smell the just cut grass