A safe harbor at Isola d’Elba

A safe harbor at Isola d’Elba

Plenty of space, fresh air and uncontaminated nature; independent lodgings: this is why the Residenza Sant’Anna del Volterraio is the perfect choice to travel again, hassle-free.

To give you sweet, worry-free sleep, our Hotel and Residence has adopted all public health dispositions in force for the prevention of Covid-19. Cleanliness and hygiene, always a hallmark of our hospitality, have turned into absolutely priority in all activities of our hotel.

A stay at the Residenza Sant’Anna del Volterraio is a risk-free stay.

  • Complete indipendence

The apartments of the Residenza Sant’Anna del Volterraio have independent, outdoor access. No common indoor spaces, for a protected holiday in full autonomy.

  • Relaxation and dining in the cool

Each apartment boasts a lovely patio, for moments of relaxation and entertainment outdoors or to enjoy dinner while brushed by the Elba breeze. All in the privacy of your independent lodging.

  • Parking

Each apartment has a parking area dedicated exclusively reserved to guests of the lodging. You can then make sure you’ll be the only one to come into contact with your car: we don’t use valets or shared parking spaces.

  • Breakfast

If you're a guest of the hotel, you can begin your day at Elba with a delicious breakfast, chock-full of sweet and savoury delicacies. Enjoy your meal in maximum safety in the unique atmosphere of our hotel, surrounded by green.

  • Dive safely

A dive in a swimming pool is a priceless pleasure on hot days, but we put prevention before everything else. This is why access to the pool area is limited and kept under surveillance by our staff, to make sure the interpersonal distance determined by public health agencies is respected. For your safety, indoor saunas and showers will not be open to guests.

  • Happy, protected kids

We’ll keep your kids entertained as we always have, but now with all the necessary precautions for a safe holiday. To participate in the fun and educational activities with our two specialized operators, you’ll first need to enroll them at the reception. The kid’s club is held at the small swimming pool, dedicated exclusively to the children, and in full compliance with public health and interpersonal distance rules. Adults are not allowed in the children’s entertainment program. From 2 to 7 p.m. the pool is reserved to children from 0 to 11 years old and their parents.

  • Distance-proof green

The Residenza Sant’Anna del Volterraio is a huge park: three hectares of emerald and burnished land. Keeping your distance here is easy and pleasant. And you can fill your lungs with fresh air whenever you want.

  • Reception

During your stay, you’ll be completely independent from our staff. The only contact you’ll ever need to make with the reception is at check-in and check-out, and these are managed in absolute safety: the desk is sanitized daily in conformity with national regulations, and now it’s also separated from guests by a protective transparent panel.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing

We’ve adopted all guidelines determined by health authorities in order to protect the health of our guests. Walk into your room and relax: all rooms are sanitized before each new beginning of a stay. Swimming pools and common areas are sanitized several times a day, using methods in conformity with the law.

  • At the beach, risk-free

Our beach club, Lo Scoglietto, on the Bagnaia beach, ensures full days of suntan and swimming without worries. Our guests can enjoy convenient discounts on our fees and the guarantee of a safe beach: our umbrellas and beach chairs are as far apart from each other as the law requires, sanitized every day, and whenever a new guest arrives.