Elba Marathon 6th edition

Marina di Campo, Elba Island, Tuscany

Marina di Campo will host the sixth edition of the Elba Island Marathon. On May 8, this town in Elba will welcome dozens of runners from all over Italy, ready to compete in a race through the breathtaking landscapes of this beautiful Tuscan island.

The planned route is Marina Di Campo-Colle Palombaia-Cavoli-Seccheto-Fetovaia-Pomonte-Chiessi, for a total of 21 km between climbs and descents. The race will take place on flat terrain for the first 10 km, then continue with a climb of 1 km near Colle Palombaia and a descent to the sea of 5 km in its most scenic part.

The Elba Island Marathon is open to anyone; you do not have to be a professional athlete to participate. If you enjoy doing physical activity in the open air, then you can not miss this run among the most beautiful landscapes of Elba.

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