Capoliveri Legend Cup 2021 in Elba

Capoliveri, Elba

On October 3, the Island of Elba in Tuscany will become the protagonist of the "World Edition" of the Capoliveri Legend Cup, an exciting yearly mountain bike race.

The route follows the tracks of the Grundig World Cup, previously ridden in 1994 by the legendary bikers John Tomac and Ned Overen.

The itinerary is changed every year and prepared by the organizers to allow participants to discover the most hidden and fascinating corners of Monte Calamita, a panoramic mountain area in the southern part of the island.

This year's tour covers various terrain for true mountain bikers, including the old railroads of the mines of Vallone and Ginevro and breathtaking descents such as the Asta, where you'll get the impression of diving directly into Elba's blue sea.

The day before, thousands of professionals from all over the world will compete to receive the Absolute World Champions M / W UCI Marathon jerseys. On the contrary, October 3 will be entirely dedicated to the amateurs.

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